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[4K] High speed train station in Korea 수서역 Suseo Station SRT

“The fastest way from Gangnam to Busan!”
#ktx #gotomall #seoulstation

There are two types of high-speed trains in Korea. KTX opened in 2004 and SRT opened in 2016. Both routes are bound for southern cities such as Busan and Gwangju, with KTX departing from Seoul Station and SRT departing from Suseo Station.

Before the SRT, anyone had to go to Seoul Station, Yongsan Station, and Yeongdeungpo Station to take the train. People living in Gangnam, Gangdong, and Songpa used to use express buses at Gangnam Express Bus Terminal or Dong Seoul Terminal instead of trains. Now, you can save more than an hour by taking SRT at Suseo Station in Gangnam-gu.

Suseo Station, which has 6 platforms, is very small compared to Seoul Station, which has 15 platforms. There is no special commercial district around the station. It is very different from Seoul Station where Lotte Department Store is located, Yongsan Station where Hyundai Department Store is located, and Gangnam Express Bus Terminal where Shinsegae Department Store and Gotomall are located. There are only a few shops inside the station, such as Lotteria, Angel-in-us, and Naturu. However, it is a necessary train station that saves time and money for citizens in southeastern Seoul.

★MAP: http://naver.me/xMx3LeJ3
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⭐️by “KOREA.net” Dec.09.2016

Those who travel by high speed train between Seoul and Busan or Mokpo now have the opportunity to choose between the two trains thanks to the launch of the Super Rapid Train (SRT) on Dec. 8.

The SRT travels from Suseo Station in Gangnam, southern Seoul, to Busan, Gwangju Songjeong Station and Mokpo, 80, 22 and 18 times per day, respectively. The newly launched train has a maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour, allowing it to reach Busan within two hours and nine minutes, and Mokpo in two hours and six minutes. SRT customers can enjoy lower fares as tickets cost 10 percent less than existing high speed trains. The new high speed train also offers a variety of new services, including the ability of customers to call crew members via a smartphone application. Customers also have access to power outlets which are installed on every seat.

At the launch of the SRT on Dec. 8, Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn said, “The launch of SRT will offer an opportunity for Korea to innovate railway management as this is the first time a major competitor has been introduced in Korean railway history.”

Prime Minister Hwang also told both Korail, the operator of KTX, and SR, the operator of SRT, to make efforts to improve service through healthy competition. He also said that, “The government will continue to improve users’ access to high speed trains by carrying out railroad connection projects in the Suwon and in Incheon regions.”

It has taken five years and seven months and cost KRW 3.127 trillion to complete the construction and begin operations of the SRT. SRT CEO Kim Bok-hwan said, “The operation of the SRT has helped to begin a new change in public transportation services. We will continue to realize a railway service desired by customers with fares that are 10-percent lower and a faster speed of 10-minutes.”
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서울의 '대표적인 명소'도 포함하면서, 무엇보다 서울 각 '구'의 '일반 동네 거리'와 함께 크고 작은 '명소'를 중심으로 동영상에 담으려고 합니다.
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Seoul is composed of 25 'Gu' and 424 'Dong'. Focusing on almost 'Some Neighborhood Street' of all 'Dong', 'Subway Stations', 'Attractions including Markets and Shopping centers' of each 'Gu' I will look around.
I hope this video helps not only Koreans but also Koreans and foreigners in foreign countries get closer and closer to Seoul.

▶ 구분을 쉽게 하기 위해서, 가는 장소마다 다음과 같은 원칙으로 번호를 붙입니다.
*서울 대표명소 : 0-1, 0-2, 0-3,...
*‘구’ 번호(아래에 있음) : 1, 2, 3, 4, .......23, 24, 25
*‘구’ 명소 : 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, ... / 2-1, 2-2, ...
*‘구’ ‘동’ 한바퀴(두번째 숫자에 0이 들어감) : 1-0-1, 1-0-2, .. / 2-0-1, 2-0-2, 2-0-3, ...
*‘구’ 지하철역(2,3번째 숫자에 0) : 1-0-0-1, 1-0-0-2, 1-0-0-3, ... / 2-0-0-1, 2-0-0-2, ...
▶ To make it easier to distinguish, I number each place I go with the following principles.
* Seoul's representative attractions: 0-1, 0-2, 0-3,...
* 'Gu' Number(See below): 1, 2, 3, 4, .. ...23, 24, 25
* 'Gu' attractions: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, ... / 2-1, 2-2, ...
* Neighborhood of ‘Dong’ of ‘Gu’ (with 0 in the 2nd number): 1-0-1, 1-0-2, .. / 2-0-1, 2-0-2, 2-0-3, ...
* 'Gu' Subway stations (with 0 in the 2nd, 3rd number): 1-0-0-1, 1-0-0-2, 1-0-0-3, ... / 2-0-0-1, 2-0-0-2, ...

['구' 번호] (번호규칙: 동→서 \u0026 남→북)
1. 강동구 2. 송파구 3. 강남구 4. 서초구 5. 동작구
6. 관악구 7. 금천구 8. 영등포구 9. 양천구 10. 구로구
11. 강서구 12. 광진구 13. 성동구 14. 중랑구 15. 동대문구
16. 용산구 17. 중구 18. 종로구 19. 마포구 20. 서대문구
21. 은평구 22. 노원구 23. 성북구 24. 도봉구 25. 강북구
['Gu' number] (Number Rules: East→West \u0026 South→North)
1. Gangdong-gu 2. Songpa-gu 3. Gangnam-gu 4. Seocho-gu 5. Dongjak-gu
6. Gwanak-gu 7. Geumcheon-gu 8. Yeongdeungpo-gu 9. Yangcheon-gu 10. Guro-gu
11. Gangseo-gu 12. Gwangjin-gu 13. Seongdong-gu 14. Jungnang-gu 15. Dongdaemun-gu
16. Yongsan-gu 17. Jung-gu 18. Jongno-gu 19. Mapo-gu 20. Seodaemun-gu
21. Eunpyeong-gu 22. Nowon-gu 23. Seongbuk-gu 24. Dobong-gu 25. Gangbuk-gu

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(지하 고속철도역???)SRT수서역에 가보았다.(2020/05/10)




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